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Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching helps you to transform your life, it is life-changing, inspiring and an empowering experience.The purpose of Spiritual Life Coaching is to balance and harmonize your inner spiritual life with your outer life, or reality.  It's a system that helps to clear away mental, emotional and physical clutter so you can hear the messages from within, the knowledge coming from Source that is embedded within our DNA. This knowledge emanating from Source will help you discover your purpose in life, aiding in becoming the path of enlightenment.

This is not to be confused with "Therapy" or traditional "Life Coaching" which focuses on emotional healing and attaining a particular goal. The difference is through the session or sessions cords to behavior that is no longer serving your highest good are cut or cleared away opening yourself to your true "Authentic Spiritual Self" or inner wisdom. It taps into the encoding deep within our 12 strands of DNA. Encoding placed their by Archangel Raziel that paves the way for enlightenment and co-creating with the Creator a life based in Harmony and Balance.

You will lay comfortably on our Custom Genesis Gateway Crystal Light Array Therapy Table, while Dr. Miller connects with the energetic field of Genesis Gateway Integration along with you. This allows her to hear, see, and experience messages on your behalf for the betterment of your spiritual self. At times the Etheric Realm will have questions for you, questions that help you see deep inside yourself.

What your Session includes:

  • Genesis Gateway Integration Crystal Light Array
  • Sacred water that has been charged with the vibration of Archangel Raziel
  • Tuning Forks (when Etheric Realm suggests it)
  • Practitioner, Rev. Debra M. Miller Ph.D.

Rev. Debra M. Miller Ph.D. is your Spiritual Life Coach. Her doctorate is in Religious Studies, specializing in Kabbalah Tree of Life and Archangels.

30 minute Session $ 45
40 minute Session
50 minute Session $80

It is suggested you bring a notebook for journalling after session

It is suggested that you add a RFI Brainwave balance mapping to track how you process emotions into thought patterns for an additional $30 per session. You will be mapped before and after your session in order to track sublte changes within your thought patterns.


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