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The first mention of Archangels was in the writing of Jewish Mysticism. They predate all religious traditions and belief systems. All of their names end in a Hebrew word for "God" with the exception of brothers Sandalphon and Metatron for their origins are that of human being transcended or elevated to the realm of Archangel for their devotion to the Divine.

Here you will begin to get a glimps of the Archangel realm through the energetic field of Genesis Gateway Integration, the stream of energy from Source that froms a continues cycle to God, mankind, and back to God in a never ending stream.

Each Archangel has their own Sigil or Seal. The word sigil means seal or device, much like a printer's mark or personal seal. The Sigil's of the Archangels contain the essence of their name and gives one power to summon or communicate with them. They act much like a direct hot line to each of the Archangels. You can use the sigils during meditation to increase your ability to communicate with them.

Our RFI mapping is a wonderful way to see what Archangels are currently working with you. For more information on RFI mapping click here

Servant of God

Honesty of God

Inspiration of God

Truth of God

Love of God

Prosperity of God

Comfort of God

Blessed by God

Speed of God

Judgment of God

Army of God

Cherub to God

Wrath of God

Karma of God

Virtue of God

Love of God

Visions of God

Restraint of God

Movement of God

Gods Mercy

Beauty of God

Fullness of God

Voice of God

Right Hand of God

Nature of God

Inspiration of God

Fire of God

Friend of God

Secrets of God

Breath of God

Miracles of God

Path of God

Glorification of God

Contemplation of God

Alignment of God

Gifts of God

Secret Strength of God

Generousity of God

Memories of God

Mercy of God

Wisdom of God

Spy of God

My Rock is God

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