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Quote From Dr. Oz

“I think the next big frontier is unlocking the doors to energy medicine. It dramatically broadens our vista of opportunities to heal. The challenge that we have is that energy is not as easily quantified as the surgeon’s scalpel.”
— Dr. Mehmet Oz, O Magazine, Dec 2010

Through the energetic field of Genesis Gateway Integration Archangel Gabriel is associated with the Sacral Chakra. The Sacral Chakra is the seat of creation and Gabriel inspires us to do just that. Within the Kabbalah Tree of Life Archangel Gabriel resides in the ninth Sephira Yesod or foundation. Without creative inspiration there is no foundation to build upon. Yesod anchors into mankind through the sacral chakra, the third dimension seat of Archangel Gabriel.

Archangel Gabriel is also one of the four Archangels associated with death. He represents the cardinal direction of the East and is the first of the four to appear for he is about settling ones affairs. The other three are Archangels Azrael, Haniel, and Jerimiel.

More commonly Archangel Gabriel is know as the angel who told Mary of her conception, dictated the Koran to Mohammed, and parted the Red Sea. He is the ruler of psychic gifts, intuitions, mercy, and the femal aspect of men. His sigil translates, "God is my Strength". He can carry the wrath of God for he is also the destroyer, being charged with the "extinction of nations".
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