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Private Sessions with
Dr. Debbie

Genesis Gateway Integration private sessions with Dr. Debbie are an expansion of consciousness and awakening of the mind, body, and spiritual connection. Dr. Debbie's meditations are an inner study and expansion of consciousness focused on the improvement of the quality of your life. Their purpose is to expand you beyond the limitations of your daily routine and thought patterns that keep you anchored within past and keeping you from experiencing the reality you deserve.

Under the guidance of the Angelic Hierarchy the energies of Love, Light, and Sacred Service can be safely “stepped down” for your personal growth.

Each meditation is conducted within the energetic field of Genesis Gateway Integration,  Dr. Miller, who is a trained transcendental meditation guide, guides your journey and expansion of consciousness.

Choose from any of Dr. Debbie's private sessions:

Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching helps you to transform your life, it is life-changing, inspiring and an empowering experience.The purpose of Spiritual Life Coaching is to balance and harmonize your inner spiritual life with your outer life, or reality.  It's a system that helps to clear away mental, emotional and physical clutter so you can hear the messages from within, the knowledge coming from Source that is embedded within our DNA. This knowledge emanating from Source will help you discover your purpose in life, aiding in becoming the path of enlightenment.

This is not to be confused with "Therapy" or traditional "Life Coaching" which focuses on emotional healing and attaining a particular goal. The difference is through the session or sessions cords to behavior that is no longer serving your highest good are cut or cleared away opening yourself to your true "Authentic Spiritual Self" or inner wisdom. It taps into the encoding deep within our 12 strands of DNA. Encoding placed their by Archangel Raziel that paves the way for enlightenment and co-creating with the Creator a life based in Harmony and Balance.

You will lay comfortably on our Custom Genesis Gateway Crystal Light Array Therapy Table, while Dr. Miller connects with the energetic field of Genesis Gateway Integration along with you. This allows her to hear, see, and experience messages on your behalf for the betterment of your spiritual self. At times the Etheric Realm will have questions for you, questions that help you see deep inside yourself.

30 minute Session $45
40 minute Session
50 minute Session $80                                       Schedule a Private Session

Cutting Negative Cords

Cutting Negative Cords is a workshop on how to remove or cut negative imprints (Cords) and holes in the aura or personal energy field. A person can do all the psychological clearing work in the world, but, if this psychic level of spiritual psychology is not addressed the person will never fully recover from their physical or psychological problems. This might be described as the work of the mystic. What we am about to share with you, which is so incredibly exciting, is a method by which you can clear these negative cords yourself without necessarily having to rely on other people to help you.

Much of this toxic energy or cording was implanted in childhood, and others through our own internalized thoughts and life experiences such as traumas. This workshop covers how the cords or negative imprints are created, how they can come back, and how to cut them through a very simple meditation.

50 minute Session $65                                  Schedule a Session

Soul Retrieval

The 10th chakra is where the soul fragments itself and scatters itself throughout the universe, requiring "Retrieval". Once all aspects are retrieved the person has full access to all the infinite possibilities of who they have been, who they are and who they will be.

By bringing the essence the aspects of soul fragments into one chakra it gives us the ability to work with all our talents and abilities. We no longer feel empty and no longer have the need to fill ourselves with anything that is not us. This is where the essence of our Spiritual Self resides and when we are fragmented it opens us to fill this space with drugs, alcohol, over eating, needing to control others, sadness for the loss of self, and so on.

In this private session we will cover the many ways the soul fragments and then you will be taken through a meditation to recover what you have lost. When we are whole infinite possibilities open to us.

50 minute Session $65                               Schedule a Session                            

Healing Inner Child

Inner child healing offers a powerful, life-changing formula for integrating Love, Spiritual Truth, and intellectual knowledge of healthy behavior into one's emotional experience of life - a blueprint for individuals to transform their core relationship with self and life. For those of you who have taken my DNA Activation and Chakra classes you will see how this intertwines with Finding Your Core Belief System. 

We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience and the key to healing (and integrating Spiritual Truth into our emotional experience of life) is fully awakening to our Spiritual connection through emotional honesty, grief processing, and inner child work. Spirituality can be described as one's relationship with life - and others, regardless of religious belief or lack of it. The only one holding you back on your spiritual journey is YOU!

50 minute Session $65                                   Schedule a Session

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a process of taking one back through past life experience in order to understand where one has come from or to cut ties to life experience cycles that have not served ones higher good, and are creating difficulties in ones current life experience. We offer the added benefit of Genesis Gateway Integration Healing Energy during the entire process. Although you are present the Genesis Gateway Integration Healing Energy is done through remote techniques in order to not disrupt the Past Life Regression Session.

Be sure to bring a notebook to write down your experience. After you have recorded your experiences there will be a discussion period.

50 minute Session $65                             Schedule a Session

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