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Quote From Dr. Oz

“I think the next big frontier is unlocking the doors to energy medicine. It dramatically broadens our vista of opportunities to heal. The challenge that we have is that energy is not as easily quantified as the surgeon’s scalpel.”
— Dr. Mehmet Oz, O Magazine, Dec 2010

I just had an amazing Adama Starfire Reiki session with Debbie! I could feel the energy moving. It was so warm and relaxing. It was a palpable thing. Not just inside my body but radiating outside of me. When the energy was going Debbie was able to access information from the DNA records of my soul. The amazing thing was that I had seen some of these times, places and beings in previous visions on my own. When she described things to me it was like she had seen the same visions that I had, even though I had never shared them with her. She also brought up new things. Through her connection to me and the energy she acted as a conduit for me to be able to see what she was seeing. That was awesome! I came away from the session not only on an energy high that lasted for several hours but with new information about my soul's journey. A wonderful experience I would recommend to all!

Blue Springs, MO

My experience:

I had a wonderful experience. I came to Debbie feeling rather tired because I've been working rather hard. I laid down on the table and I was given the wands that she has made and I felt an energy that came through them as I crossed my arms over my chest. The energy increased and pulsated and I realized that Debbie and Vanessa were pulsating at the same rate. I could feel the energy coming out of the tip of the wand which was apparently near my cheek. I saw wonderful colors and then saw a galaxy. I saw a strange landscape and then I saw a large room with pillars. Then I heard the word "Welcome" and I knew that this was from the Council of 12. I was totally energized by the end of the session. I didn't have time to eat lunch, but I wasn't hungry. There were no hunger pangs during my busy afternoon. In the morning a great influx of heat energy occurred. Thanks so much to Deb and Vanessa!
Blessings to all,
Joyce Berg

The classes that I have had the opportunity to attend have truly been transformative.   Each class provides you with the information and tools you need to clear your “stuck” energy so that you can make necessary changes in your life and move forward.   I didn’t realize how much I was holding on to that had been holding me back.  My perspective has completely changed, and I am able to handle situations with more confidence and less emotion.  By letting go of the baggage, I actually feel lighter and happier than I have in a long time.  I also feel so much healthier – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  The best therapy ever!

Thank you for this gift.


LeiAnn Emmert

The following is my testimony about the atunement I received from you on Monday.

Wow! I just received the most amazing atunement from Debbie Miller and her assistant Vanessa.  I am taking a series of classes taught by Debbie. In  one of her classes she explained that she had received instructions from her Spirit Guides and the Masters about a detailed healing wand and a specific Reiki treatments she was to make and use. After much meditation and a lot of detailed work, the wand was ready to be tested and fortunately I was one of the people she treated with the new information and tools.

 First of all, I felt the energy flowing as soon as Debbie placed the wands in my hands. In conjunction with the wand and special attuned stones, she began the treatment as I laid back and felt  the power flow as she and Vanessa unblocked any obstacles that hindered the strong flow of the Reiki energy. I soon felt a new sense of lightness and strong spiritual presence around me. With this high power energy flowing, who needs drugs to feel high and lifted to a state of higher senses and joy. 

 A lot of details about  my past lives were reviled to Debbie as she worked with the energy and the spirits using this Reiki technique. The information she gave me as she received it, struck a cord of familiarity and of truth within me.

 There was so much more to the time I spent with these remarkable ladies but I will just end this by saying that I felt so uplifted the remainder of the day and KNEW my special spirit guides were with me, lifting me, singing joy with me and protecting me. I have ascended to the next level! Thanks so much Debbie!

Nancy Massey

Annie wrote:
"Everyone should have their own oil by Debby!  My latest one has been wonderful!!!"

Steve's Therapeutic Massage

Steve Van Ryzin
Registered Massage Therapist
Professional Plaza
4309 N. 10th Street; Suite F
Mcallen, Texas

I have been using Renewal Oils Spa Blends in my massage practice for 1 1/2 years now. As a massage therapist finding products that allow me to help my clients find relief from a variety of problems is vary important. From Stress Oils to the post massage detox bath salts, my clients and I have been vary happy with the products. My favorites are: Stress Oils which are great to use when starting on the neck, Headache Oils relives stress and tension, this product has kept several of my migraine clients free from episodes, Tissue Reinvestigation Oils are used on all my deep tissue and sport massage clients, Calming Oils are wonderful for finishing the neck and balancing at the end of a session and Cellulite Oils that are deep warming to help the clients body absorb and reduce the appearance of cellulite. The Detox bath salts is a product all my clients love. And let me not forget to mention Fibromyalgia Oils, wow this really works with clients that suffer from pain as with Fibromyalgia. I highly recommend all massage products from the Badriyah Spa Oil Line, these products are a great tool for all massage therapist, I will be using these products exclusively in my practice.

Thanks Renewal Oils
Steve Van Ryzin

Alma Montoya
Mission Texas

My elderly mother has arthritis in her hands, they hurt and she had limited use of them, she began using Renewal Oils Arthritis blend and within 30 days the pain was gone and she was able to use her hands again. Great products, I would recommend them to everyone.

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