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What is a Enlightenment Institute?

Since ancient times, Enlightenment or Mystery Schools have existed. Those who feel called to walk the path and in time become the path of true knowledge and wisdom have sought them out. With enlightenment we are able to transcend ego creating a reality based in harmony. The tools of empowerment offered by Enlightenment Institutes can be practically applied to successfully fulfill your life. Enlightenment Schools have traditionally taught people to gain understanding, achieve wisdom, and strengthen inner guidance.

Enlightenment Schools are in essence universities for your spirit or soul, where the curriculum focuses on awakening and developing our highest potential and becoming one with the highest quotient of Light possible.  Our Therapy Sessions and course work help to awaken your conscious potential and power of intention for co-creating a reality equal to your potential. It will bring about a conscious realization of one’s True Self and the connection to others, both physically and spiritually. With this expanded awareness comes the power to bridge spiritual energies into the physical world for healing and transformation at a personal, planetary, and universal level.

Genesis Gateway Integration Enlightenment Institute is dedicated to the exploration of human consciousness leading to your personal and spiritual wisdom, skills and fulfillment. Our mission is to offer therapies and tools (courses) designed to assist in raising your personal vibration in order for you to be the best you possible.

Rev. Debra M. Miller, Ph.D.
Rev. Sherree Ross

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