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Transformation Course

Genesis Gateway Integration Transformation course concepts are methods for accelerating your spiritual growth. You do nothing but absorb the new energy and in doing so evolve the way you process emotions and thoughts. You change energetically and psychically into higher vibrations of consciousness.

It means that you are spiritually and psychically brought into alignment with the energy or vibration of creation. It is exactly like tuning two or more musical instruments to the same pitch. Through the concepts of Genesis Gateway Integration, you will be attuned to the frequencies of Ascended Masters, Archangels and other spiritual helpers… who in turn help to connect you with what is known as Genesis Gateway Integration, the point of all creation. The purpose of the Genesis Gateway Integration Course is to give you tools in order to keep your personal vibrations at a resonance in order to reside within the vibration of creation for prolonged periods of time.

Genesis Gateway Integration Transformation Course covers:

  • Finding ones’ authentic spiritual self, completing the soul so to speak
  • End of duality: Becoming one with all that is to include all the aspects of you
  • Focusing on Intent: What are you sending out into the universe that is being experienced as your reality 
  • How to Re-script the play that is me!  As each of us recognize our mission and reclaims our personal power, it will become our reality.
  • Stopping the needing Ego and serving Self “it is up to me to be happy and for that matter to be me” This is where you work on letting go of ego in order to achieve power of oneness, love and wisdom with one of the Highest Quotients of Source Light possible to experience.
  • Nutrition and Vibrations of Food: How the vibrations of your food effect your own vibrations. To reach and then reside within Genesis Gateway we must function at a very high vibration.
  • Session under Genesis Gateway Integration Crystal Light Array:This opens your own personal Gateway to the Genesis Particles, your own personal vibrations will determine if the Genesis Gateway Integration will remain open without further assistance. (For those experiencing program remotely a long distance energy session will be done at a predetermined time. During this session the practitioner will lay under the Genesis Gateway Integration Crystal Light Array and send the energy remotely to the client)
  • Meditation: All participants in the Genesis Gateway Integration Transformation Course will receive a recording of the Genesis Gateway Integration Meditation

This is a Life Changing Course focused on giving you the tools to create the life you are looking for.


We are in the process of developing this phase of Genesis Gateway Integration. Please check back in for dates and pricing.

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