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Third Gateway Therapy Session

Third Gateway Therapy Session Includes:

  • RFI Mapping before and after session
  • Crystal Light Table
  • Short class on personal vibration
  • Cutting Cords Meditation
  • Soul Retrieval Meditation
  • Chakra Tuning Forks
  • Crysral Singing Bowls, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat to aid in speaking and hearing inner truths

The Third Gateway Therapy Session is in reality where one begins, for it is the furthest from our point of origin. This Gateway helps to balance the 3rd Dimensional Chakras preparing them for their mission of anchoring the higher dimensions and chakras, they support the chakras of our higher self. 

The Third Gateway or Reflection of the Tree of Life is the furthest from our original blueprint of humankind and the Divine. It is in reality refraction, for it gives us a false sense of who we are for it is a reflection of ego not the Tree of life. Much like looking into a mirror, it gives a reversed image of reality and holds 3-D constructs and mentality, separating male and female energies, shifting humankind from a matriarchal society to one of patriarchal misogynistic views, women are now inferior. This is where mankind is guided by ego, living within low personal vibration, no longer one with Source/God for we hold ego within our hearts rather than the Divine. This low vibration effects the production of DMT, causing the pineal gland to atrophy, closing us off from Source/God. The chakras within this Gateway of the Tree of Life begins at the root chakra moving up to chakra 11. 

Within this Gateway we have a glimpse of 4-D, but this is the farthest we can go for we meet duality at chakra 11. At chakra 11, Gateway to Duality, we must end duality, the actual separation of male and female aspects, or 3-D is where we remain. Generally, mankind does not make it past the third dimensional chakras, 1-7, for the ego will not allow it, this keeps us tied to a less then desirable reality. However, fourth dimension also resides within the third triad within chakras 8-11, its light shining in hopes of attracting us to it. It is within Chakra 11 that we find knowledge for ending duality. 

Fourth Dimensional chakras connect upper dimensions to the lower 3rd dimensional chakras, by stepping down the higher frequencies in order to be metabolized by the lower frequencies. This allows the higher frequencies of 5th dimensional chakras and higher to smoothly feed into the human body. We now begin to see there is something other than our Ego to serve, we acknowledge the Divine and with this raise our consciousness opening us to the 5th Dimension and the second Gateway or Reflection of the Tree of Life.  

The Archangels associated with the Third Reflection assist us in becoming worthy or ready for the Divine Knowledge the Fallen Angels/Watcher taught humankind before we were ready. Just as Archangel Michael/Enlil resides within each chakra so does the fallen angel Enki/Semyaza/Lucifer, his half-brother, but until we transcend ego the full meaning of Divine Knowledge is misunderstood. With this misunderstanding we live within refraction of the Tree of Life rather than Reflection, but ego keeps us from realizing this.   

Third Gateway Therapy Sessions are powerful techniques designed for those new to energy work or find the work they have done is not quite working. They bring balance and alignment to the body in a non-invasive manner by stimulating all the body systems. This begins the process of raising personal vibration and transcending ego in order to co-create with Source the reality you truly wish to be experiencing. These sessions are designed to help guide you towards creating a life journey that is joyful, healthier, and more harmonic. 

We recommend starting your journey with Full RFI Body Scan. This gives a baseline reading of your chakra, pineal gland, and endocrine system functionality, as well as thought process for setting intention and creating a reality based in harmony. 

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Your investment in yourself is $245. Expect up to 2 1/2 hours for complete session

Keep in mind that 50% of all healing is performed spiritually and the remaining 50% requires your input to finish the healing, clearing and balancing of the spiritual bodies. This is where the Genesis Gateway Integration Therapy Sessions and Course becomes a life altering tool.

It has been highly suggested by the Etheric Healers that the client wear loose fitting white clothing, preferably linen. This is in order to keep the Session or Attunement as pure as possible. White carries the vibration of all that is just as it contains the full color spectrum (seen only under electron microscope); wearing specific colors will alter the vibration within the vibrational color band.  If it is not possible to wear all white, then choose light colored clothing.

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