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Quote From Dr. Oz

“I think the next big frontier is unlocking the doors to energy medicine. It dramatically broadens our vista of opportunities to heal. The challenge that we have is that energy is not as easily quantified as the surgeon’s scalpel.”
— Dr. Mehmet Oz, O Magazine, Dec 2010

Soul Retrieval Meditation

The essence that is our soul enters and leaves our body through the 10th Chakra. Our soul can literally fragment, scattering its self throughout the universe, requiring “Retrieval”.  Once all aspects are retrieved the person has full access to all the infinite possibilities of who they have been, who they are and who they will be.

By bringing the aspects of soul fragments into one chakra it gives us the ability to work with all our talents and abilities. We no longer feel empty and no longer have the need to fill ourselves with anything that is not us. This is where the essence of our Spiritual Self resides and when we are fragmented it opens us to fill this space with drugs, alcohol, over eating, needing to control others, sadness for the loss of self, and so on.

There are many ways the soul fragments Argument or fight

  • Living in a dysfunctional Relationship
  • Divorce
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Loss of a beloved pet
  • We can give pieces of ourselves to others through our love
  • Illness
  • Injury
  • Hurtful childhood

There are countless ways we lose self, and only one way to retrieve the soul fragments that have been lost. This meditation is designed to help you visualize your soul fragments being retrieved and reintegrated within your Soul Matrix. It matters not where they have been or how they were lost, only that they are coming home allowing you too once again be whole. When we are whole infinite possibilities open to us.

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