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Second Gateway Therapy Session

Second Gateway Therapy Session Includes:

  • RFI Mapping Before and After Session
  • Genesis Gateway Integration Crystal Light Array
  • Short Class on Transcending Ego
  • Short Class on Pineal Gland
  • Class on Divine Feminine
  • Endocrine System Tuning Forks
  • Crystal Singing Bowls, Third Eye, Pineal Gland, Zeal Chakra, to open one up to Universal or Cosmic Truth of Higher Self

The Second Gateway connects us with all of the Archangels and Ascended Masters associated with Genesis Gateway Integration, threading them in through the pineal gland and in time into each cell of the body. This allows one to begin understanding the teachings of Archangel Raziel starting us along our journey of ascending the “Tree of Life”. The Second Gateway Therapy Sessions helps us to resonate with the vibration of creation it's self. This assists with creating the reality you deserve. This is the point where the bulk of humanity stands, facing the refraction of the Tree of Life with our backs blindly to ego that is driving us. We now long to be part of the Tree of Life, however our journey has brought us to the point of learning to turn and face our enemy, Our Ego, in order to step back into the Tree of Life, becoming part of it. We will only the be able live in the reflection.

We Must Go Down to Go Up and with this the second reflection/refraction or Gateway bends down, into the illusion. We must learn to let go of duality becoming one with all aspects of our male and female self in order to reach the bottom and once again go up. This is the below component of “As Above So Below”, and is overseen by Archangel Sandalphon with his brother Archangel Metatron overseeing the “As Above” component. The components of “As Above So Below” take us to the foundation of the Tree of Life and who we are when connected with Divine Knowledge.

Containing chakras 12 through 22, and dimensions 5 through 8, the second reflection/refraction, or Gateway, prepares us to face ego and step back into the Tree of Life becoming one with it. Do we turn our back on ego, not able to keep it in check, destined to merely seek a Divine life, never able to obtain it, or do we turn and face ego head on? Rather than looking into the mirror as Alice did, we need to turn, face our 3-D self then step back into the tree becoming one with all that is, both our 3-D aspects and the Divine. We must recognize our 3-D self in order to initiate change, in a manner face our enemy on the spiritual front line, that enemy is us. 

In order to turn, stepping back into the Tree of Life, becoming one with it we must have accepted the Divine Feminine, ended duality, and transcended ego. With achieving this, Archangel Cherubiel allows access to the second key of Divine Knowledge, the one that allow us to climb the actual treed rather than a mere reflection. At this point in our journey of enlightenment we have left the refraction, false image of the Tree of Life behind. 

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We recommend a baseline session of first gateway prior to a Second Gateway Therapy Session

Your investment is $245. Plan on 2 1/2 hours for this session

Keep in mind that 50% of all healing is performed spiritually and the remaining 50% requires your input to finish the healing, clearing and balancing of the spiritual bodies. This is where the Genesis Gateway Integration Therapy Sessions and Course becomes a life altering tool.

It has been highly suggested by the Etheric Healers that the client wear loose fitting white clothing, preferably linen. This is in order to keep the Session or Attunement as pure as possible. White carries the vibration of all that is just as it contains the full color spectrum (seen only under electron microscope); wearing specific colors will alter the vibration within the vibrational color band.  If it is not possible to wear all white, then choose light colored clothing.

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