Peripheral Neuropathy

The clinical name for diabetes foot pain is peripheral neuropathy, a condition where the small nerves fibers in the feet have become damaged by the effects of diabetes. Damage to the peripheral nervous system interferes with the signals to the brain, weaking them and distorting the information to the brain. This can cause a number of systems. It is throught that 75% of people with diabetes have some degree of damage to the peripheral neuropathy.

Symptoms of Diabetes Foot Pain

  • numbness (often temporary)
  • tingling, pins and needles
  • pricking sensations
  • sensitivity to touch
  • stabbing pain
  • muscle weakness
  • burning pain
  • muscle wasting
  • paralysis

Diabetes Foot pain is often worse at night, disrupting sleep and adding to an already emotional burden. Poor circulation and constricted blood vessels lead to reduced oxygen supply to the individual cells that make up the peripheral nerve fibers and a reduced oxygen supply quickly leads to serious damage to or even death of the nerve fibers.

The first steps in prevention is a healthy diet that is more alkaline, maintaining good blood sugar control, and daily exercise such as walking, yoga, or swimming. And of course, reduce stress and by all means, stop smoking for it constricts the blood vessels that supply nutrients to the peripheral nerves.

A wonderful treatment for this condition is massage for diabetes foot pain with our blend designed to increase blood flow and oxygen to the area. If you are unable to seek attention from a massage therapist us our blend along with a massage ball designed for feet or a foot roller. Studies show that massage helps prevent neuropathy by keeping the tissue around the nerves health which has a direct effect on dieabetes foot pain.

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