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Quote From Dr. Oz

“I think the next big frontier is unlocking the doors to energy medicine. It dramatically broadens our vista of opportunities to heal. The challenge that we have is that energy is not as easily quantified as the surgeon’s scalpel.”
— Dr. Mehmet Oz, O Magazine, Dec 2010

Aromatherapy Pathway Chart

Natural Essential Oils work through body, mind, and spirit, having both psychological and physiological benefits. This encompasses working through oral (stomach), topical and vapor (inhalation) pathways. The oral pathway is the least effective for it requires contending with stomach acids, which can destroy essential oils. This holds true for any form of medication and not confined to the use of Natural Essential Oils. Being our products are for topical use, let’s look at how they are delivered to the body through the topical and vapor pathways.

After viewing the Pathways Chart, one can see how the mere act of applying massage oils or blended formulations made from Natural Essential Oils can affect the entire body, having over all well-being benefits. Our skin is the body’s largest cleansing organ, which in turn also makes it the largest delivery system. This is why applying lotions or massage oils rich in moisturizing, rejuvenating, healing Natural Essential Oils is so beneficial for our overall sense of well-being. Combining these wonderful oils with simple massage techniques offers maximum benefits. Massage opens pores, increases blood flow and circulation as well as relaxes tissue; this expedites the delivery of these healing, calming, spiritual essences from nature. With hundreds of Natural Essential Oils to choose from their use is limitless.

We have already established that Natural Essential Oils are derived from leaves, flowers, seeds, resins, fruits, rinds, bark and roots. Their essence is considered the life force, soul and immune system of the plant. They are 75 to 100 times more concentrated than dried herbs, making them extremely beneficial. Natural Essential Oils are made up of many chemical compounds with no two oils being alike in their structure or effects. Because the chemistry of Natural Essential Oils is very complex, they are very diverse in their effects. The therapeutic capabilities of the nearly 300 Natural Essential Oils known to be beneficial to man; are increased by having oils that fall within one of three categories; synergistic, adaptogen or chemo-type. Synergistic oils are those that when combined with one or more essential oils create a chemical compound that is more powerful than any of the single components. For example, adding lavender to chamomile increases the effect of the chamomile. In this way one can use less of the rather expensive chamomile while increasing its effects. Adaptogens are Natural Essential Oils with the ability to balance one’s bodily requirements. For example, lemon essential oil will either give you energy or act as a sedative depending on what ones’ body requires. Other adaptogens are hyssop, which balances blood pressure and peppermint, which balances energy levels. Chemo-types are Natural Essential Oils with therapeutic effects that vary depending on climate, soil and altitude of where they were grown. Thyme falls within this category producing several different medicinal compounds depending on where and how grown. These categories expand the potential of these extraordinary essences from nature. However, we must look even further into their molecular structure and take in consideration the megahertz (MHz) frequencies they resonate at. 

Essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance.

They start at 52 MHz and go as high as 320 MHz.  

·         Fresh produce up to 15 MHz

·         Dry herbs 12-22 MHz

·         Fresh herbs 20-27 MHz

The frequency rates for essential oils may be the most important factor in using oils with hands-on healing such as massage therapy for the goal is to bring the subtle energy body into balance. Normal bodily vibration, or frequency resonance, range is between 62 and 68 MHz. Disturbances within this frequency field precede the appearance of disease and illness. By changing frequencies we can influence what is coming our way; natural essential oils provide us with a tool to do just that for Essential Oils are a direct infusion of frequency. When substances of a higher frequency interact with those of lower frequencies, there is movement at the cellular level that creates a balancing effect, causing the lower frequencies to move towards the higher frequencies. The cells and the essential oils join in a type of dance balancing energies and bringing the body back within normal vibration. Due to this, the essential oils therapeutic properties create special vibrational remedies capable of healing or rebalancing the body, mind, and spirit. Essential oils help restore and maintain a person’s own frequency for optimal health, creating an environment in which microbes, bacteria, viruses, fungi etc… cannot live. The following is a MHz chart for a normal healthy body.

·         Brain 80-82 MHz indicates genius

·         Brain and Head 79-78 MHz

·         Healthy Body neck down 62-68 MHz

·         Thyroid-Parathyroid 62-68 MHz

·         Thymus 65-68 MHz

·         Heart 67-70 MHz

·         Lungs 58-65 MHz

·         Liver 55-60 MHz

·         Pancreas 60-80 MHz

·         Stomach 58-65 MHz

·         Ascending colon 58-60 MHz

·         Descending colon 58-63 MHz

Unhealthy Body:

·         58 MHz exposes the body to cold and flu

·         55 MHz diseases like candida

·         52 MHz disease such as Epstein Barr

·         42 MHz Cancers

·         Death begins at 20-26 MHz

Negative mental state lowers personal frequency by 10 MHz and positive state of mind raise it 10-15 MHz. Drinking one 12 oz. cup of coffee lowers our frequency by 3 MHz. By using an essential oil or essential oil blend of 75 MHz or higher immediately after drinking coffee, will return your frequency to normal in less than 1 minute. Essential oils truly are remarkable. Being that all essential oils beneficial in therapeutic application have frequency resonance of 52 MHz up to 320 MHz it is not necessary to know each individual oils’ frequency for the attributes associated with each is based on their resonance. 

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