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Custom Zodiac Blends

Renewal Oils custom Zodiac Oils are far more than the average generic blends on the market. We blend our Zodiac Oils taking into consideration your individual Sun Sign, Rising Sign, and Moon Sign, the "Big Three" in astrology. Each sign is associated with various essential oils, bringing them together creates a unique blend of their combined vibrational attributes that brings the individual into balance within their astrological signs.

Our ancestors knew the significance of celestial alignments. The ancient Sumerians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Mayans etc…all lived according to the alignments of the heavens. They planned all major events by them to include growing crops. The earliest written documentation of the importance of celestial alignments was in the, “Book of Raziel”. Archangel Raziel was the scribe to God. His mission was to write down all the knowledge of God. Two of the Archangels charged with the cosmos are Archangel Jehudiel, who rules the movement of celestial spheres, and Archangel Umabel, the angel of physics, astronomy and astrology.

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Sun Sign

The Sun Sign is the core of the individual; the overriding nature or our personality. Each of the 12 Sun signs has its own unique set of traits. In essence, the Moon rules your personality, while the Sun rules your individuality. The Sun influences our total personality and the way we are seen by others, while the Moon represents more of our inner world of feelings and emotions, and how we feel about ourselves. The Sun rules the day while the Moon reflects more mysterious, deeper, aspects of self.

Rising Sign

The Rising Sign or Ascendant is considered the mask we wears when meeting others. The Rising Sign shows our natural defenses and how we cope with day-to-day life, it is the face we reveal to the world. It is the most obvious to others for we rarely realize we are wearing the mask of our Rising Sign. The Ascendant shows an individual's first, natural reaction to new people and situations.

The Rising Sign or Ascendant is the zodiac sign” Rising” on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth. On a chart, you might see it abbreviated as ASC. When others describe you, they are recounting the qualities of your Rising sign. It is the image facing outward, and might not be how you see yourself at all. The Rising sign deals with First House issues like appearance and personality, and can even influence physical characteristics. The Sun and Rising sign harmonize together to form your personality. The Moon sign is the other component of the “Big Three”, but its influence is often hidden. The Rising sign is important in understanding your personality because it determines how the rest of the chart is laid out.

Moon Sign

The Zodiac Sign where the Moon was present when you were born into this world is your Moon sign. The Moon is an important planet in the zodiac sky that greatly influences our lives. Moon goes through the entire Zodiac in a 28 day cycle, unlike the Sun and other planets which take longer periods. The Moon spends about 2 1/3 days within each Zodiac sign or “House”, every 28 days.

The Moon Sign represents the inner qualities of a person, determining our fears, emotions, intuitions, and vulnerabilities. It gives an insight into your feelings and thoughts, and things that you feel strongly about, even though you may not be aware of such emotions. Considering both your Moon and Sun signs gives you the best insight into your personal self.

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