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Earth Star Chakra

Blend is in a 5 mil amber glass bottle

The Sixteenth Chakra, Earth Star when activated grounds our Spirit-Self fully into the physical, into the Infinite Moment of the Present, where we are the most powerful - Spirit having a human experience. We cannot be anything other than Spirit, although humans tend to ignore this Truth, and there is nothing to look for except within the self - to remember we are a piece of the Divine.

These 16 chakras, along with other major & minor chakras, make up the most important interface between our spirit and physical bodies. The chakras directly interface with our nervous system, hence the importance of clearing both systems--physical and energy bodies. When we observe our patterns (attitudes, values & beliefs) we see clues as to what chakras are out of balance. There are many visualizing techniques to bring the chakras into balance and alignment. As a class we experience THE LIQUID LIGHT GOLDEN PLASMA ACTIVATION OF THE GOLD LIGHT BODY.

By being open to the Liquid Golden Light Plasma through your higher chakras and down through your central channel and into Earthstar chakra assists with the new Divine Blueprint. To be open to the Golden Liquid Light Plasma from Source in divine will and unity consciousness is the gel that activates the latent DNA.

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