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Soul Star Chakra

Blend is in a 5 mil amber glass bottle

The Soul Star, Eighth Chakra, is the center that holds all our contracts and agreements related to this lifetime, karmic connection and so on. A person's Soul Star overlaps, with that of the people they have had long-term relationships or sexual encounters with, and they do not completely disconnect on their own, even though the couple may part physically. It is very important, therefore, to be able to clear all those old relationship contracts, in order to make way for new potential relationships to come to you more easily, or to clear a pathway for the relationship of your current, supporting it to grow more fully. The eight chakra is also the center of detachment, stay in the present moment, unconditional trust, acceptance of intuitive guidance and the ability to discern illusion. It is the center of higher intellect. It marks the realm where the individual soul merges with the Universal Mind. It also marks the point where the soul manifests into matter, into the individual energy body.

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