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Akasha Oils

Akashic Oils comes in a 1/2 ounce amber glass bottle with flow control top. Use this blend when performing the Akashic Record Meditation or any other meditation or ritual that requires connecting with source.


Spirit or Akasha: Use to increase your awareness of the divine, especially before performing the Akashic Records Meditation.

Spirit also known as Akasha, is the Fifth Element. It is present in all things and binds all things together. It exists within each of us and reveals itself only when one is ready to understand it. Spirit is the true element from which this Universe was created. Spirit is the unifying factor in all creation.


Symptoms of Lack of Spirit Element: Lack or loss of spirituality, not feeling a part of the universe, feeling disconnected from life, not feeling complete, and inability to believe in that which you cannot see.


Balancing a Spirit Deficiency: Finding ones authentic self and connection to the universe, excepting that everyone and every living thing in this universe has value just for being, a value that no-one has the right to diminish. Following ones path to enlightenment and acceptance that there exists a higher power greater then any thing we have ever known. This has nothing to do with religion, a concept that confuses many along their journey. 

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