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Thirteenth Ray

All Ascended Masters oils come in 1/2 ounce amber bottles with flow control top
Color: Copper/Gold
DNA: Physically activates your third and fourth strand DNA
Dimension: Fifth
Oil Application: Entire Aura, apply to hands then  pass through entire aura as far as you can reach.


                                       The Thirteenth Ray 
                                                                             First Cosmic Ray

The thirteenth ray or first Cosmic is one of Solar Service, also known as Solar Christ Consciousness, which will assist you to complete your ninth initiation. This ray is a combination of all twelve rays, with focus on the Love and Wisdom. To experience this ray you will potentially activate your Light Body to a fifth dimensional frequency and then step down your vibration to the speed of common light. If successful in moving beyond the Keepers of the fourth dimension into you will undergo your ninth initiation. This ray brings with it the qualities of stability, perfection, power, equilibrium, manifestation, wisdom, Love, sacred sexuality, purification, Solar Service, abundance, joy, and the experience of group collective Solar Christ Consciousness.

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