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Ascended Master Allah Gobi
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All Ascended Masters oils come in 1/2 ounce amber bottle with flow control top

Works Together with: All other Ascended Masters and  Archangels

Associated with: First taken into the Solar Plexus then into all the other chakras

Color: Pearlescent

DNA: Etherically recodes and reactivate your tenth strand DNA

Gemstone: Clear Quartz Crystals, Diamond, Opals

Etheric Retreat: Over Tibet

Oil Application: Place a small amount on hands then pass your hands through the area of the Soul Star (about 6 inches your head), Solar Plexus area.


                                      Tenth Ray of the Ascended Masters

                                                      Chohan Allah Gobi

                                                      Stability and Balance


The tenth ray is the ray of Divinity encoding the pattern of our Divinity into our physical bodies, attracting and anchoring our Light bodies.  It enables us to reach a state of balance and harmony with ourselves and All That Is. This ray will assist you to become the Divine, Holy Light of God that you truly are through the perfect balance of power, love and wisdom with a focus on Spiritual ascension in the physical body. Allah Gobi brings the qualities of balance, equilibrium, justice, love, power, infinite wisdom, detachment, attainment, responsibility, mastery, and transcendence. He teaches us to truly be still and silent from within, calming our minds and physical sense from both subconscious and external sources of chaos. With this stillness we are able to communicate by paying attention to what is being said, truly hearing and by saying only what is important and what we truly mean to say. The Tenth ray combines the first, second and third rays for a higher quotient of source light and vibrates to a pearlescent color.

Allah Gobi has had several incarnations on Earth, his last two being of the Islamic Faith as Allah Sham Shalaman in what is now the Middle East and as Gobi Man in Mongolia.


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