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Ascended Master Mother Mary
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All Ascended Masters oils come in 1/2 ounce amber bottles with flow control top

Work Together with: Christ Energy and Archagel Raphael

Associated with: All Chakras

Color: Dark Magenta and Blue-Green

DNA: Etherically recodes and reactivates your ninth strand DNA

Gemstone: White and Pink Diamond

Etheric Retreat: Temple of the Sacred Heart over Fatima Portugal also over the city of Jerusalem

Oil Application:  Around the navel, third eye, 7th cervical vertebra, pulse area on wrist, crown Chakra


                                           Ninth Ray of the Ascended Masters


                                                                                 Perceiving the Unity


The ninth ray is the ray of Highest Potentials. It is related to the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life, and one of the elements you work with to activate your Light Body. In the process of Forward Evolution, the probability of achieving your Highest Potential, as your Higher Self of the Light and your Christed Overself of the Light, is focused more intently through this ray than any other. Through potentiality, you have the ability to come into existence, and develop or perfectly create your own reality within the One Reality of All That Is. Thus this ray has the most influence on your original Divine eight-cell blueprint, and your etheric, emotional and mental bodies. This ray brings with it the qualities of unity, justice, peace, order, wisdom, creativity, joy, mercy, unconditional Love, splendor, compassion and Divine guidance. This ray vibrates to a blue-green color and is composed of the first ray, the second ray and a Higher Quotient of Source Light.


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