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Ascended Master Lady Nada
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All Ascended Masters oils come in 1/2 ounce amber bottle with flow control top

Work Together with: Sananda

Associated with: Heart, Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra

Color: Seafoam Green , Purple, Gold

DNA: Etherically recode and reactivate your eighth strand DNA

Gemstone: Pink Tourmaline, Rose Quartz

Etheric Retreat: Over Saudi Arabia

Oil Application: Back and front of the chest area, stomach area, outside of ankles



Eighth Ray of the Ascended Masters

                             Lady Nada

            Being Accepted and Enjoying Life

                 Peace, Service, Brotherhood


Lady Nada serves on the Karmic Board, a group of 8 ascended masters and cosmic beings who dispense justice to this system of world, adjudicating Karma, Mercy and Judgment on behalf of every soul. On Atlantis Lady Nada served as a priestess in the Temple of Love, in other embodiments she has been a lawyer.


Considered the eighth ray of Transcendence, this beautiful expansive ray is luminescent seafoam green and violet and is composed of the fourth  ray, the fifth  ray and the seventh ray, combined with a Higher Quotient of Source Light. The word transcend is described as extending beyond the limits of all possible experience and knowledge and is a extremely good description of the eighth ray or Transcendence. This ray brings with it the qualities of courage, justice, integrity, wisdom, stability, equilibrium, unconditional Love, understanding, unity and infinite expansion.  Lady Nada will assist you in moving beyond the limitations imposed by your negative ego aspects, your three lower bodies, and  your sub-conscious mind. This will allow you to transcend your dualities through the sacred flame of transcendence coming into the one unity consciousness of all life.



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