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Ascended Master Seraphis Bey
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Ascended Masters Oils all come in a 1/2 ounce amber bottle with flow control top.

Work Together With: Archangel Chamuel, Archiea Charity

Associated with: Base, sacral and Throat Chakras

Color: White

DNA: Etherically recode and reactivate your sixth strand of DNA.

Gemstone: Red Garnet, Black Tourmaline

Etheric Retreat: Located over Luxor, Egypt

Oil Application: Back of head, between pubic hair and navel, on the back at the same level, inward side of knees 



Third Ray of the Ascended Masters

                 Seraphis Bey

              The Earthly Power


 Serapis Bey spent many lifetimes along the Nile. As the Egyptian Pharoh  Amenhotep III, he constructed the physical temple at Luxor. His most familiar incarnation was as Leonida, the King of Sparta. Leonida was the great warrior who led the Spartans in the famous battle at Thermopylae, Greece. 

The third ray is the ray of Divine Intelligence, working with Archangel Chamuel, Archiea Charity, Serapis Bey will bring through the third ray qualities of mental illumination, capacity for concentration on philosophical studies, clear mindedness, sincerity of purpose, and patience, and anchor these qualities in a beautiful yellow color through your throat center, the energy center related to these third ray qualities. The third ray is related to the sixth initiation, in which you merge with your Christed Overself of the Light as you exist at a Multi-Universal level of Melchizedek Consciousness, and become the integrated aspect of this wonderful Higher Light on the Earth plane. Furthermore, at this initiatory level, you etherically recode and reactivate your sixth strand of DNA.

This ray is also brought into focus in your Priesthood training, and specifically the first level of your Priesthood training, along with the first ray of Will and Power. For this training, you work with the sacred geometry of the sphere, and the Flower of Life, and Soul travel to the third dimensional pocket of space within the Halls of Amenti Overlighted by Lord Untanas.

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