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First Gateway Therapy Session

First Gateway Therapy Session Encludes:

  • RFI Mapping before and after session
  • Crystal Light Table
  • Class on bringing the Sphere of Daath, Sacred Knowledge, into ones heart space
  • Sound Immersion using 11 crystal singing bowls opening us to Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies of the 12th dimension and Sacred Knowledge of our Creator Gods

First Gateway Therapy Session

The First Gateway is about re-educating the brain for a desired state of mind. This is done by a process called Brain Entrainment and is achieved through either tuning forks or Sound Immersion. This process synchronizes one’s electrical activity to resonate to the specific frequency of the energetic field of Genesis Gateway Integration. This allows one to re-pattern their thought process for the power of intention, beginning the process for a life based in harmony.

We now enter the First Reflection and once again go up, this time to our destination of becoming the path of Enlightenment, creating and living within a Divine reality based in harmony with all that is. First reflection is where Divine Knowledge resides along with the Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies. Sacred Solfeggio frequencies are the key to the Universe and creation of reality based in harmony and balance. It is through unlocking the Sacred Solfeggio frequencies encoded within our DNA that we are able to continue our journey by going up the Tree of Life, accessing Divine Knowledge. Through the Sacred Solfeggio frequencies, we are able to complete our task of transcending both duality and ego. As our DNA reactivates it is Sacred Solfeggio frequencies we seek on our path of enlightenment. 

Through the illusion it appears that we have shifted from a matriarchy-based life to a patriarchal. We are looking as Alice did to a reversed image that appears to have shifted from female to male, but it merely appears that way. With patriarchal concepts there is a separation from the Divine and need to be supreme or superior, with this Ego driven way of thinking, man creates chaos with wars and etc.… This mirrored image of the Tree of Life only appears within our Ego driven 3-D way of thinking to have shifted, but in reality, nothing changed, only our perception. Refraction or illusion within the mind of man allows the Fallen to ascend the Throne of God, replacing God with ego. Alice referred to this altered state of reality as “Wonderland” but it was actually “Underland”, a mirrored reflection of reality. What this means through the energetic field of Genesis Gateway Integration is we must go down through the illusion in order to go up or Ascend. We must see the illusion for what it is, “Ego” within the heart of man, created by receiving Divine Knowledge before being ready for it. 

Divine Knowledge in its self is benign, neither good or evil, rather neutral, it is within the heart of man that it becomes good or evil by either serving Source/God or ego. Allowing man access to Divine Knowledge before they were ready for it, opened the proverbial Pandora’s Box letting out all that could be turned into evil through the low vibration of ego. If Pandora’s box was indeed opened through the giving of premature knowledge, that would make Lilith Pandora. Through “Free Choice” the Anunnaki gave us Hope, the last weak little thing going out into the world from the box, the spark leading us back to the Divine. 

With the upward flow of Divine Feminine energy of the Third Triad we complete the cycle of, “As Above So Below”, anchoring us to both mother earth and the Divine. This is an important step in becoming multi-dimensional beings, for we must exist within all at the same time in order to Ascend. The multi-faceted concepts of Genesis Gateway Integration are for everyone who has a serious desire to learn, grow, and transform, ascending to living a Divine life on earth. Genesis Gateway Integration resides within the reflection and opens the energetic field for the reflection to be one with the original tree. It is our way back home. 

Your investment $245. Plan on 2 1/2 hours for your session

Keep in mind that 50% of all healing is performed spiritually and the remaining 50% requires your input to finish the healing, clearing and balancing of the spiritual bodies. This is where the Genesis Gateway Integration Therapy Sessions and Course becomes a life altering tool.

It has been highly suggested by the Etheric Healers that the client wear loose fitting white clothing, preferably linen. This is in order to keep the Session or Attunement as pure as possible. White carries the vibration of all that is just as it contains the full color spectrum (seen only under electron microscope); wearing specific colors will alter the vibration within the vibrational color band.  If it is not possible to wear all white, then choose light colored clothing.

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