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Wellness, spa, and natural-products are the focus of Debbie's consulting services.
Renewal Oils helps you incorporate a comprehensive aromatherapy protocol into your business. Anchoring aromatherapy to existing treatments or creating new protocols will increase your client base by expanding services and offering information on natural health.
Debbie has worked within the industry for over 20 years and is currently working on a series of books on aromatherapy. She has been asked to teach classes on essential oils and the Higher Chakras within the Kansas City area. Debbie has run her own successful business for years and acquired vast amounts of knowledge on herbs and essential oils while living in Europe. She has great breadth from which to draw, for your company's success.
        Services include:
  • formulation of functional botanical ingredients
  • spa-treatment design
  • evaluation of existing products and improvement reccommendations
  • fragrance design and blending
  • personal well-bing consultation, using herbs, essential oils, nutrition and lifestyle

    Benefits of working with Renewal Oils include:
  • enduring solutions to the inevitable, periodic challenges
  • more efficient and rewarding operation
  • more information to share with your clients
  • greater clilent allegiance
  • increased sales and longstanding client relationships
  • a new unique product line packaged under your label

    Contact Renewal Oils to discuss the stage your company is in today and explore the ways that Debbie's input might increase sales and revenue by injecting a viable plan for incorporating Aromatherapy into your business.
HIRING Renewal Oils

Get to know Debbie by scheduling a call or visit to learn more about the product line she has formulated for spa use and services she provides. Her lines of products expand far past those of spa to General Well-being, Women’s Well-being, Emotional Well-being and more, all of which would be viable products to offer your clients within your spa environment.

Contact Us
for the current rate table for any of Debbie’s services: consulting, classes, on site Aroma Therapist, private labeling,or wholesale rates for products.

Small Business Consulting
Debbie provides small-business consulting in a variety of ways, including new formats that better meet your needs. Debbie looks forward to discussing the details of your operation and your preferences. Here are some examples of ways you can put her knowledge to use for your business:
Hourly Consulting
Simply call on Debbie periodically, with specific questions about such operational subjects such as Specific Client Needs, developing new lines of essential oil products for your use, Redesigning packaging and labeling for your needs or producing your own therapeutic herbal teas on site.
On Retainer:
At a more economical rate, you can make Renewal Oils a regular, and affordable, part of your company. Having Debbie on retainer means your relationship is ongoing and there for you when you require assistance with guiding a client to products and protocols that best fits their needs. This customized service to your clients will let them know you treat them as individuals catering to their needs.
On site Aroma Therapist:
For those of you in the greater Kansas City area, or for those willing to have Debbie travel to your site, she can be on site at specific scheduled times to consult directly with clients, educating them on essential oils and guiding them to products and protocols within your spa.
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