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Consultation Genesis Gateway Integration

A starting place in your journey of finding your spiritual self and creating a reality based in harmony is with a Genesis Gateway Integration Consultation. We will discuss your goals and a path to get you there. The following is what is included in your consultation: 

  • Baseline RFI Pineal Gland Reading
  • Baseline RFI Brain Balance Reading
  • Form/Chart to evaluate where you are Energetically and Spiritually
  • Open Discussion on goals
  • Short session under the Genesis Gateway Integration Crystal Light Array for Pineal Gland Health
  • Bottle of water charged with the vibration of the Pineal Gland for Pineal Gland health

Your Investment $80
You may add on a full body RFI scan day of your consultation for an additional $40, this is a $65 value.

Allow up to 2 hours for your consultation and bring a notebook

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