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Benefits from Advanced Spiritual Training

  1. Powerful Personal Transformation by helping your re-write the play that is you. Understanding your own inner being and having a deeper relationship with yourself will teach you to know your own truth.
  2. Balances and re-aligns the Subtle Energy Centers of the Body bringing greater inner peace.
  3. Reduces Stress and Minor Anxiety
  4. Improves Immune System by reducing stress.
  5. Opens Spiritual awareness by gaining an enhanced connection to Spirit. Through Esoteric studies that are non-dogmatic and lead to a point where you have a good relationship with Source, you can have deep interaction with Spirit on a daily basis.
  6. Emotional well being and release.
  7. Deep inner sense of happiness and satisfaction from within rather than from external things in life.
  8. Greater understanding of your own sense of purpose and divine nature.
  9. Attaining great levels of accomplishment through understanding your own nature and success in life.
  10. Reaching Your Highest Human Potential by recognizing you are a light being having a human experience.  
  11. Learning to Create a Better Reality for Your-self by transcending ego and letting go of self serving 3rd dimensional constructs.  
  12. Aids in the Body’s Own Natural Response
  13. Helps Detox the Body Systems
  14. And Much More!

Rev. Debra M. Miller, Ph.D.
Rev. Sherree Ross

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