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Questions to ask to see if Enlightenment School is for you

  1. Are you seeking a more fulfilling reality and sense of being
  2. Do you feel there is a higher purpose or mission in your life but unable to see what it is
  3. Do you feel stagnant, unable to move forward with your life
  4. Do you seek tools or wisdom in order to empower yourself to manifest a reality based in harmony and fulfillment
  5. Do you wish to limit or end stress, chaos, and drama in your daily life
  6. Do you feel you want to go home, but do not know where that home is
  7. Do you feel out of place, as if you do not fit in
  8. Do you long for a deeply satisfying relationship with others rather than the superficial ones you seem to have
  9. Do you have an interest in healing or improving the lives of others
  10. Do you wish a deeper knowledge of the power of intention and manifestation
  11. Do you wish to serve spirit by transcending ego
  12. Do you focus on lack, therefore creating more of the same
  13. Do you seek a greater sense of spiritual connection
  14. Do you seek a since of peace

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Enlightenment School is what you seek. Most of the above questions relate to navigating through spiritual issues and concepts. These issues are related to the fundamental aspects of who we are as people and as spiritual beings as well as what we create as reality.

The core of the concepts of Genesis Gateway Integration Therapies and course work come from the fundamental teachings of Archangel Raziel and Kabbalah Tree of Life. This is the Genesis Point or Point of Creation of all spiritual lineage. Our information and services allows for you to take quantum leaps in what you view as possible within your life. If you are ready to make fundamental change in your life then Genesis Gateway Integration Enlightenment Institute is here to support you on your journey.

Rev. Debra M. Miller, Ph.D.
Rev. Sherree Ross

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