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Transmission Meditation

Genesis Gateway Integration Transmission Meditation provides a vehicle to send healing energy from the core of existence or Source/Creation. It is a conduit for sending the healing, balancing, loving, energetic vibrational field of Source/Creation, around the earth.

Within the energetic field of Genesis Gateway Integration Transmission Meditation we become one with the Spiritual or Angelic Hierarchy energies continually streaming into our planet joining our higher self with that of the Archangels and Ascended Masters for the Divine Plan of this planet and the Universe. This type of meditation is a technique of personal and world service development.

Under the guidance of the Spiritual or Angelic Hierarchy of our planet, the energies of Love, Light and Sacred Service can be safely 'stepped down'. This makes the energies more useful to humanity and for us on a personal level.  These energies facilitate the difficult changes now in progress and speed the transformations leading to a better world for all and a better balanced reality.

The Spiritual or Angelic Hierarchy directs the energies from the spiritual realms through the chakras (energy centers) of the group members, down to the mental levels where they become more accessible to humanity. The group literally serves as a point of entry for the energies to reach humanity and stimulate human progress. These energies emanate from the minds of the Archangels and Ascended Masters who are sending them, and who know where they are most needed, and in what precise balance and potency to bring about the desired effects.

The Spiritual or Angelic Hierarchy will not send through your chakra centers more energy than you can safely take and they will send the energy where it is needed. All we do is act as a conduit. It is enough that we act as positive mental channels, through which the energies can be sent in a highly scientific manner by the Masters.

Our Transmission Meditation group has been hand pick and currently has no openings, however if you would like to be considered for the group should an opening occur contact us through the following link. Transmission Meditation Group

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