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Gateway to Universal Duality Chakra

Blend is in a 5 mil amber glass bottle

The Eleventh Chakra, Gateway to Universal Duality is where duality begins. It is the field of overlap between Light and Dark and is where we have all contracts and agreements belonging to our soul, whereas the eighth chakra is this current incarnations contracts and agreements. Clearing the eleventh Chakra is pivotal in bringing a person into balance and allowing them to have full access to their Divinity. This is where our contracts with the occult, black magic and the Abyss are held. We all have aspects of ourselves that have experienced the shadow because that is part of the Souls journey, to explore Light and Dark, Order and Chaos. Part of the Divine plan for us is to experience Duality; Light and Dark as well as all the rays of the rainbow in between. Now is the time to merge our duality becoming one in order to ascend to the 12 Chakra, the Monadic Soul Level. With this class we experience a Illumination Meditation, Developing Contact with your self - Awakening to Zero Point.

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