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General Blend

This blend is offered in 5 mil amber glass bottle with silver cap. General Blend is Formulate to assist in pain releif associated with firbromyalgia. This is a pleasant alternative to traditional toxic products for pain. Did you know that nearly 17,000 people die yearly from pain reliever over use in the US?

*For external use only


The Fibromyalgia brain is one that is extremely chemically imbalanced. Due to this it reads the built up toxin levels within the body that are causing the fibromyalgia pain making pain medication ineffective. Traditional formulas for pain only block the transmission of pain along the neuro-pathways to the brain. This tricks the brain into thinking the area of pain has been healed. In a Fibromyalgia body this is only a temporary solution at best. The combination of Natural Essential Oils used in this blend assist the body in re-absorbing the toxins built up in the tissue back into the system in a way that it can be eliminated, or processed out. In keeping these toxins processed out, the Fibromyalgia sufferer is able to function and rest in a more normal manner. Use as often as needed and extremely effective when combined with full body massage. This blend also works well on most muscle pain and other forms of arthritis.

Fibromyalgia oils also assists in relieving symptoms associated insomnia and restless leg syndrome. Massage along spine and other areas of pain. 

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