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Liver Detox

This blend is offered in 5 mil amber glass bottle with flow control top. Helps to detox the liver

*For external use only


Liver Cleanse Oils are a nice way to help detox your liver, especially if you suffer from Cirrhosis of the liver. If you are suffering from a damaged liver it is very important that you first address your diet, giving up all alcohol, drinking only water, fruit and vegetable juices, eat pineapple and spinach daily, for they have liver healing properties, make sure you are getting enough beta-carotene and vitamin B and of course, use natural essential oil products. This blend for liver cleanse and cirrhosis of the liver, assist the body in cleansing the liver and aiding in recovery from tingling, numbness, loss of libido, weakness, and a gray and dirty-looking complexion. This blend works extremely well in conjunction with full body massage, one that helps aide  in the drainage of the lymphatic system. you may also add a few drops to a hot bath and rub a few drops on your abdomen. Use daily at home and with full body massage 1 each week for full benefit.

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