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Memory Oils

This blend is offered in 5 mil amber glass bottle with flow control top. It is for memory and much more....Memory Oil is blended with a combination of oils to assist with, Reduction of Free Radicals, Increase of Blood Flow to the Brain, Depression, Anxiety, Loss of Concentration, Nausea, Appetite, Nervousness, Insomnia plus contains an Immune System Booster.   Massage into pulse points or us as full body massage.*For external use only.


Memory loss may be caused by many things to include lack of sleep, poor diet, anxiety, and depression. The natural essential oils within this blend work on the nervouseness system, balance appetite, increase concentration, boost the immune system, increase the blood flow to the brain , help decrease depression and anxiety, as well as address sleeping issues. It is suggested that while using this blend one also restricts foods that may interfere with memory and sleep. This gruop of foods includes all simple carbs (sugars), caffeine, alcohol, and sodas. Blueberries are a wonderful brain food; so if you do not already eat them, add them to your daily diet.

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